Halloween is almost here! It’s the scariest day of the year in the best of times, but especially if you’ve recently emerged from the fiery depths of hell (your marriage) and come face-to-face with the devil (your ex) at the negotiating table. But now you’re spooky, single, and ready to mingle! We’ve compiled a list of liberating costume ideas that are sure to bring a smile to your face on Halloween night. 

Before we dive in, just remember one thing: Halloween is supposed to be FUN! So if you’re considering sitting at home in a pair of sweatpants on October 31 while reminiscing about the couples costumes you shared with your ex in the past, kindly snap out of it. 

Without further ado, here are 10 costumes that are perfect for the newly divorced

Zombie bride (or groom) costume for divorce survivors

Your marriage is dead, but your sense of humor isn’t! Dress as a zombie bride or groom to symbolize the union that is no more. We’re thinking ghoulish makeup and tattered wedding attire (your local thrift store should have you covered)! 

Swipe right to fun: Stand out with a Tinder profile costume

What better way to signal your return to the dating scene than by dressing as a Tinder profile? This fun costume will allow you to interact with partygoers in creative ways, from “swipe left” and “swipe right” games to using funny pick-up lines. It’s a great way to break the ice with strangers, because almost everyone has a dating story to tell! 

You don’t need to put in the three years of law school to dress up as your ex’s greedy divorce attorney. (Shutterstock / Elnur)

Choose hero or villain with this divorce attorney costume

The beauty of this one is that you can be a villain (your ex’s lawyer) or a hero (your own lawyer). Talk about versatility! Decide which path you want to choose, and run with it. Accessorize with a briefcase, and be sure to let everyone know your astronomical hourly rate when they try to talk to you.

Crazy cat lady or gentleman is a ‘purrfect’ costume

The love in your marriage wasn’t unconditional, but you know who does love you unconditionally? Your felines! Dress in a bathrobe and carry around plush cats to proudly declare your love for the four-legged friends who will never let you down. 

An eye-catching unforgettable cat lady costume will have everyone talking this year. (Photo by Gui Werther, @ready_set_gui on Instagram)

Explore your independence with a Barbie or Ken costume

Remember that iconic scene in the “Barbie” movie, when Barbie said “maybe it’s Barbie, and it’s Ken?” That was the moment they figured out they were two separate individuals who were free to explore the world on their own. That’s exactly what you want to do now that you’re divorced, right? 

Sail into Halloween with a sea captain costume

Dress as a sea captain and bring your own ship’s wheel to show that you’re steering your own course now!

Flex your escape skills with this Houdini costume

Harry Houdini was known for his escape acts, and you escaped your marriage! Dress like the famous magician and learn a few escape tricks with handcuffs and chains so you can show everyone how great you are at breaking free! 

Unconventional Cupid costume with a broken arrow twist

This is Cupid with a twist. Instead of carrying a standard bow and arrow, make it a broken arrow…because Cupid had one job to do when it came to finding your true love, and he failed.

Celebrate Halloween with a solo costume

Who says that every shaker of salt needs pepper by its side? And why can’t Fred Flintstone wander around Bedrock without Wilma? Cher has also done perfectly well for herself without Sonny. Get the point? You can be whoever you want to be, and your existence doesn’t have to be defined by anyone else’s. 

Court will be in session this Halloween when you show up wearing a judge costume. (Shutterstock / Andalucia)

Be the judge of Halloween fun with this costume

What better way to celebrate your newfound freedom than by paying homage to the very person who granted it to you? Carry around a gavel and pass judgment on everyone’s costumes – in a playful way, of course! There’s no need to be mean, but feel free to bring some Judge Judy sass. 

We here at The Exit hope you have an amazing Halloween!