Dating these days is like a high-stakes game of hide and seek – swipe right, swipe left, repeat. But what if you knew where your best chances of finding single people were? 

We dug into the numbers to find out which states have the most single women and men in 2024. Here’s the scoop.

According to a MagnifyMoney analysis of the latest U.S. Census Bureau data, 55.6% of Americans 20 and older across the 100 largest cities are single, meaning they aren’t married or they’re divorced, separated or widowed. Singlehood is even more common among women across the 100 largest cities (57.3%) than men (53.7%).

States with the most single women

1. Michigan
Detroit is leading the pack with a whopping 77.4% of women flying solo. That’s right, Motor City isn’t just about cars; it’s also a prime spot for meeting single women​.
2. Ohio
Cleveland isn’t just about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. With 73.9% of women being single, it’s rocking a different kind of statistic​​.
3. Maryland
Baltimore has 73.7% of its female population single and ready to mingle. Charm City, indeed​.
4. Virginia
Richmond clocks in with 72.3% of women single. It’s not all about historical reenactments here – modern dating is very much alive​​.
5. Georgia
Atlanta boasts 72.1% single women. This bustling city isn’t just a transportation hub; it’s a hotspot for single ladies​​.

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A bachelor’s luck with dating could significantly increase in these cities. (Shutterstock / Bukavik)

States with the most single men

1. Maryland
Baltimore again makes the list, and this time it’s the men. With a ratio of 125 unmarried women for every 100 men, it’s like a singles paradise​​.
2. Georgia
Atlanta shines for single men too. Its vibrant nightlife and booming economy attract a significant number of bachelors​​​.
3. New Jersey
Newark isn’t just a stopover; it’s a destination for single men. Proximity to New York City’s job market and social scene makes it an attractive spot​​.
4. Pennsylvania
Philadelphia has a substantial single male population. With rich culture and history, it’s a great place to be single and ready to explore​.
5. Ohio
Cleveland makes a dual appearance. Known for its affordability and lively social scene, it’s perfect for single men and women alike​.

Pack your bags for romance

If you’re navigating the dating waters, knowing where to find the most single men and women can be a game-changer. Detroit and Baltimore are top contenders for single women, while Baltimore and Atlanta are prime spots for single men. Whether you’re swiping right or just looking for new friends, these cities offer fertile ground for meeting new people. So pack your bags – or at least adjust your dating app’s location settings – and head to where the singles are plentiful. Who knows? Your next great date could be just a city away.