Taylor Swift’s artistry in capturing the emotional spectrum of love and loss is unparalleled. Her new album, “The Tortured Poets Department,” along with her entire catalog, offers an exploration of heartbreak. Here are the 13 (Taylor’s favorite number) most potent breakup anthems from Swift, who has turned the pain of romantic dissolution into pop music gold:

“All Too Well:”A triumph in narrative songwriting, this track is a cathartic journey through the remnants of love, marked by Swift’s keen eye for poignant detail.

“Blank Space:”With a wink, Swift takes on her media-crafted image, delivering a catchy critique wrapped in satirical lyrics – a clever twist on pop personas.

“Dear John:” This track is a biting farewell to a past lover, packed with raw emotion and the sharp edge of retrospection – it’s a definitive scorched-earth ballad.

“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together:” This is the quintessential breakup anthem, brimming with defiant independence and catchy, sing-along rebukes.

“Clean:” Co-created with Imogen Heap, this song serves as an emotional detox, its lush harmonies acting as a balm for the soul post-split.

“Exile” (feat. Bon Iver): This haunting duet mixes Swift’s vivid storytelling with Bon Iver’s ethereal tones, turning heartache into a sublime musical experience.

“Back to December:” Swift offers an apology through melody, turning regret into a tender, reflective ballad that hits close to home.

“Forever Winter:”A poignant track from  “The Tortured Poet’s Department” that melds melancholy with lyrical beauty, capturing the essence of love lost.

“Bad Blood:” Here, Swift harnesses her inner warrior, turning betrayal into an anthem of strength and self-assurance.

“I Knew You Were Trouble:” This track is a vibrant cautionary tale, its pulsing beats and warning lyrics crafting a modern-day siren song.

“The Last Great American Dynasty:” Swift narrates a spectacular fall from grace with the flair of a seasoned storyteller, blending historical intrigue with personal insight.

“White Horse:” Stripped back and sincere, this song slices through the fairy-tale veneer of romance, offering a soundtrack for more sober, reflective moments.

“Love Story:” Swift concludes with this modern twist on classic romance, proving that even well-worn tales can be refreshed under her skilled hand.

For those sorting through the aftermath of a breakup or simply seeking solace in music, Taylor Swift’s discography offers a master class in musical catharsis. Who needs therapy when you have Taylor Swift’s tunes at your fingertips?