The Place to Go When It's Time to Leave
The Place to Go When It's Time to Leave

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An illustration shows a woman introducing her kid to her new boyfriend.

How and When to Introduce Your Kids to a New Partner

Finding love after a breakup can be exhilarating. And if you have children, wanting them to be a part of your happiness is natural – but how can you tell if they’re ready to meet your new partner?

A couple's feet stick out from under white sheets after sex.

Can a Sex Therapist Help You Get Back Your Mojo?

Could a sex therapist help you to have better relationships and a more satisfying sex life? If you’ve struggled with sex and physical intimacy in past relationships, or if sexual dysfunction has caused the end of one or more of your relationships, sex therapy may provide answers and resolution. How do you know if sex therapy is right for you? Can a sex therapist help you to have a healthier and more satisfying relationship with your next partner? While sex is only one part of a romantic, loving relationship, it’s an important one. A healthy sex life can provide numerous benefits including improved heart health, stress relief, and a lower divorce rate. For many couples, sex and physical intimacy are critical for long-term happiness and satisfaction within the relationship.  Communication and sexual compatibility One common challenge is couples who disagree about how often to have sex. According to the International Society for Sexual Medicine, there’s no “normal” or “abnormal” frequency for sex. Relationship success is not about how often you have sex, it’s about both partners having compatible drives and developing intimacy that works for both (or all) people in the relationship. That said, one study of married couples’ sexual activity and frequency from 2016-2018 revealed that the majority of married couples (about 60%) have sex at least once a week or more, and about one-third of couples have sex 1-3 times per month. Only about 7% of married couples have sex less than once a month. Additionally, married or cohabitating couples typically have sex more frequently than people who are single, divorced, or widowed, according to Medical News Today. Frequency of sexual activity is only one factor contributing to a satisfying sex life. There are many other potential psychological factors, sexual dysfunctions, or social pressures that may cause challenges

    Healing Wisdom

    A painting of a woman surrounded by a garden of flowers

    I used to hope that you'd bring me flowers. Now I plant my own.

    — Painting: The Iris Bed (1891), Charles Courtney Curran